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Golden Frame

mayfield valley sketch

The Mayfield valley forms a segment of Sheffield's Golden Frame, five miles to the west of the city centre with the river Porter, a tributory of the river Sheaf, running through it.

Sheffield was famously described by Wordsworth as a "dirty picture in a golden frame", and though the dirty picture has long gone the golden frame survives intact!

The Forest of Rivelin

Until the late thirteenth century Mayfield valley was rugged woodland and Known as the forest of Rivelin and the monks from Beauchief Abbey, some four miles distant were given free range ofthe area for "flesh and fowl". 

The Abbey was founded around 1183 by Robert Fitz Ranulf de Alfreton and as soon as the abbey was completed the founder laid down his piublic office and his private wealth to become a canon. This fact combined with the dedication of the abbey to Saint Thomas of Canterbury has led to the legend that he bore some guilt of the Archbishop's murder although on the whole the evidence is against this theory.

In 1542 the area was given to Francis Earl of Shrewsbury in exchange for lands in Buckinghamshire and elsewhere.


Ringinglow round houseOn the southern side of the valley stands the hamlet of Ringinglow with it's Round House which is in fact an octagonal building. The round house used to be the toll house for the old road which was made turnpike in 1758 being the principal road westwards from Sheffield to the High Peak, Manchester and Lancashire for transporting salt and lead.

The Mayfield valley is part of Sheffield's green belt and has changed little over the centuries, remaining a farming community.

Some few hundred yards from Ringinglow can be seen the grindstone marking the boundary of th Peak District National Park, which in 1951 was designated the first national park in the UK, with its wealth of natural beauty ranging from rugged moorland and the southern end of the Penine Way to limestone valleys.

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