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STOP HGVs in Mayfield Valley

There has been a marked increase in HGVs using the country lanes in the Mayfield valley since the introduction of SAT navs and a general fast car speed.

The Mayfield Women's Institute (WI) demand a total ban on heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) apart from farm traffic on Cottage Lane, Hangram Lane, Woodcliffe and Quiet Lane and a reduced speed limit from 60mph to 30mph for all vehicles.

HGV & lorry routes through Sheffield

Sheffield city council has carried out a citywide review of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) after widely circulating a document in order to gather public opinion about where problems are and what the potential solutions could be, they have also collected views of HGV operators and businesses.

Opinions gained from these consultations have formed the basis of recommendations in the form of an interim report scheduled to be presented to cabinet Highways Committee on the 13th December at the Town Hall.

Once it is confirmed that the report will be on the Agenda you will be able to see the report and its recommendations on the Council's website from the 5th December 2012 by selecting the relevant committee date at the following address:
Alternatively, a copy of the report would be made available from that date at First Point, Howden House, 1 Union Street, Sheffield.

Our concern & narrow lanes

The members of Mayfield WI are extremely concerned as these narrow lanes, often with no footpaths, are used by horseriders, walkers, school children on nature trails, girl guides and brownies visiting the City of Sheffield guides Outdoor training centre on Common lane, cyclists and joggers.

With many bends and high hedges neither vehicles or people can be seen until close at hand and there is no place to escape from the traffic.

There is a narrow bridge over the river Porter and two sharp bends on woodcliffe where HGV s are becoming stuck causing long tail backs of traffic.

These country lanes were built in the C18 and are totally unsuitable for this type of traffic.

Used by All

They are used for pleasure by people from all over the city not just by local residents. It is only a matter of time before a fatal accident occurs and Mayfield Valley WI members are not prepared to allow this to happen.

Contact us

Please contact  Joan Newton on 0114 2302443 or send a message using the contact form.


Joan is the President of Mayfield WI and past Chair of South Yorkshire Federation of WIs.

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